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Every week we put up 3 photosets and video clips that are cycling off of our main site. There will also be regular additions of photosets rescanned from 35MM print film and video clips remastered from the original tapes. We will also be adding some behind the scenes photos and video clips. We have great looking guys tied up and gagged in a variety of ways. There's over 10 years of content. Over 1500 photo sets and video clips. Whether you like your men naked or clothed or somewhere in between, we've got something you'll like! Each photoset contains full body shots as well as closeups of bound hands, tied feet, and gagged faces. One set per week features either rear or frontal nudity. We make a constant effort to fulfil many particular interests. We have men bound to chairs, hogtied, spread eagle, in suits and ties, jeans, athletic gear, briefs, boxers, wearing socks, boots, sneakers, and barefoot. We use different kinds of rope, handcuffs, tape, and leather items to restrain the guys. You like gags? Well, these men are tightly gagged with anything you can think of, duct tape, bandanas, neck ties, their own socks, rags, leather plugs, o-rings, hand over mouth, and ballgags. If this sounds like fun then join today!

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